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My name is Trinh NGUYEN

And I specialize in Level design for games.

I have been designing levels for a while, 5+ years professionally. I can confidently say that it really is my passion. My biggest joy in level design is when I can see players having fun. Creating compelling experiences that will last a life-time is what I strive for. As a professional I design level for the players, I am able to immerse myself into the minds of the player audience, understand what they enjoy and design accordingly.


companies I worked with...


Thibault Leblan | Ubisoft BERLIN | LEVEL DESIGNER | Assassin's Creed VR
Trinh is a great Level designer to work with and is really efficient in his work. When we worked together, he was the guy to go to when I needed help to get started on our project and it was always easy and fun to work with him. He really is a valuable team player.

I highly recommend him as a Level Designer, as he is very reliable and always strives for excellence. I hope I will work with him again in the future!
Dhruva Modak | Ubisoft INDIA | LEVEL DESIGNER | Assassin's Creed VR
Trinh is a fantastic designer and has remarkable skills for creating a robust gameplay experience for the player. I had the chance to work closely with him and enjoyed every moment in creating a fun game. He is a type of person whom you definitely need in the team for creating solutions,helping fellow designers at any given time and fleshing out good design with limited constrains. Super helpful and kind person he is and would definitely recommend him. Cheers!
Renaud Person | Ubisoft Annecy | World Director | Riders Republic
I’ve been working with Trinh during the production of Riders Republic. During that time Trinh had to work on the Level design of several events and especially on the Invitational one. Trinh also worked of some Terrain procedural rules.

During this period which includes a little pre-production and a big part of production, Trinh has shown a great ability to learn and listen. He first very quickly understood the way in which we design geology rules that have a realistic aspect but take into account the behavior of the players. He appropriated this technology and quickly provided us with a high quality result. Then during production, Trinh worked on a lot of playable content. He began by quickly assimilating production constraints and then made them his own in order to produce original and quality content, always taking into account both technical and gameplay constraints. It was especially during the development of the Invitational event (celebration event and conclusion of careers on Riders Republic) that Trinh illustrated his skills and creativity, offering players a particularly well calibrated and above all fun playing space. to play. Working with Trinh has always been a pleasure. His attentiveness but also his creativity, his desire to provide players with an environment adapted to his challenges, linked to his strong technical skills, allowed him to become one of the key elements of the Level Designers team. I would work with him again with pleasure. if it would happen again.
Trinh's exceptional skill in level design, particularly in composition, enables him to create impactful designs efficiently. He responds exceptionally well to feedback and iterates without getting stuck in the weeds. He skillfully merges natural environments with structural knowledge, proving invaluable to our team.

Beyond his role, Trinh generously mentors colleagues and conducts Blender training sessions, prepared in his spare time, and has been an invaluable mentor to me as a junior. His presence is a significant asset, and any team would be fortunate to have him.
I worked with Trinh for 2 years in Gunzilla Games. During our time at Gunzilla. He showed amazing speed and quality of work at his levels, with lots of attention to detail and quick prototyping in mind.

He is also very proficient in teaching other designers as a senior and was able to increase the whole team’s proficiency with modeling through planning and conducting his own Blender workshops