Riders Republic

Jump into the Riders Republic massive multiplayer playground! Ski, snowboard, bike, or wingsuit across an open world sports paradise. Race in mass start events, develop your rider’s career, or kick back with friends and free roam the parks.
Project Information



Riders Republic is my first AAA game I had the pleasure to contribute on. I received the opportunity to do a full production cycle on the game, from concepting to the launch the game.
Doing world design, terrain creation, set dressing and level design.

Therefore it is close to my heart. It is a project that has kickstarted my career. I have learned so much from my peers and mentors at Ubisoft.

Responsibilities / My Contribution

World Designer
Creation of the world / terrain, with use of hand-sculpted and procedural methods
Creations of the Bryce region and other memorable locations like the Subway and the Wave
Creating geological features through procedural methods
Fixing terrain artifacts

Level Designer
Creator of events, from start to finish (+organizing playtests, + balancing) | created 10 tracks
Creation of Initial placeholder assets (macro shape & collision)
Set dressing, composition & time of day/lighting setup
Collaboration with Tech & Houdini Artists to update tools
Collaboration with Environment Artists to create memorable moments


The best way to show footage of my work is to show footage of other players playing the content I worked on!
Gameplay footage credits go to the players!  Thank you for making my levels look cool!


One of my proudest works, creating 1 event, 1 playground for all sports


One of the Redbull sponsored events. Simple and fun.


Urban bike race, with lots of shortcuts and tricks for the player


Super crazy bike race event in Sequoia that makes you jump off a cliff


Multisport race, bike and rocket wing suit


Slippery bike racetrack with obstacles (3 laps)


Simple straight line bike tricks track


Curvy bike trail


I also call it freedom cap

Ford Foot out

Secret bike race event in the derailed zones within Mammoth

Indepth information about my work

My time as a world designer on Riders Republic was a great experience. I have learned a lot about world design principles and the creation of terrain through procedural and hand sculpted methods from Yann Fieux and Renaud Person. The two people I consider my mentors.
With the teams trust I had the ownership of creating the terrain in Bryce Canyon and a few ground rules in the other regions.
The base for The Wave, The Subway & the Crocodile landmark in Bryce (That you see in the world trailer) are part of the creations I had my hands at.

The terrain in Bryce was my most challenging task and also my first task as a world designer. It took multiple iterations but in the end it became a region that I believe, many players will enjoy!

My tasks as a world designer included creating, iterating and documenting the terrain creation for Bryce, the Subway and the Wave. The terrain got created through procedural methods and touched up using modeling and sculpting programs. For the Subway, I used my knowledge in modeling to create the base for the Subway.


After 6 months I transitions towards level design. It was my initial plan to join the team in Ubisoft Annecy as a level designer. Due to a request I started as a world designer, tasked with the creation of the terrain. Needless to say, I am very honored to have been able to get this opportunity to contribute to the project in two different roles, as a level designer and a world designer.

As a level designer I contributed to multiple tracks, mainly bike trails, note worthy: Derailed Zone Snow Trails, Fairy Journey, Diving board, Liberty, Redbull District Ride, Santa Cruz Urban Ride, but one of the tracks that I am very proud of is the "Riders Ridge Invitational", the event the player unlocks after collecting 750 stars. I was the level designer of this playground and event. With help of 3 level artists, Lukas Strattman, Arthur Belin and Charly Carrelet, we made an unique, one of a kind playground for all sports.

My tasks as a level designer included creating, iterating and documenting the trails, guiding the player through set dressing, modeling PH state assets and working together with the level artists and Houdini artists to make it all become a reality!


Getting close to the release of the game, I saw an opportunity to advance my career. I stumbled upon an opening for a level design role on Assassin's Creed VR. It was a franchise I always dreamed to be part of. Next to that it was going to be build on new tech as well. Tech that I believe to be the next big step in gaming.

In short, I had a meeting with the team. After a short interview and a design test + a meeting with my current lead and the lead in the other Ubisoft studio, I got the role.