Tomb Heist is a FUN PARTY game created during the Global Game Jam of 2019, with use of UE4.
Project Information



Tomb Heist is a 2-4 player party game about raiding someone's else's home. As an adventurer, you always feel at "home" traveling around the world, finding some treasures!

Compete against other players for the treasures, where you can push them against traps, steal their loot and bring it back to your van. To see who can collect the most!

Available for download at:

Responsibilities / My Contribution

We all worked together to form the game design idea
I was responsible for the level design, lighting and art direction of the game

Made modular building blocks to create the level
Made the smart material to texture all the assets (Art Direction)


Coherent vision amongst developers.
Creating a game within 48h

Praised by the players for art and the instant-fun aspect of the game
Great Art Direction

A happy but tired team after the game jam
Indepth information about my work

Tomb Heist is the second Global Game Jam that I participated in

Pre-production, Concepting
Learning from previous mistakes, we wanted to concept the game within 1-2 hours.
Our team was very open minded and we made sure that the game we designed was the game that we all wanted to make.
Of course at times we had design discussions, which we all participated in and try to the design issue we found.

We knew that we wanted to: Make a party game, a game which the player directly interacts with the other players and environment, simple stylized look.
In short a game in which players have fun playing together.

Whiteboxing the Arena

I was in charge of the level design of the arena.
I have setup the arena with chokepoints and different routes with risk / reward balance

Art Direction & Asset Creation
I made sure we had a coherent art vision, with Maria we worked together on the art assets. She was in charge of the Hero Assets (Character, Pharaoh Face & Jade Hound). I worked on all the other assets that were game related for the arena. (Modular building blocks to build the arena, floors, walls + collectibles)

Lighting & Setup
The idea was to create a gradient from left to right, with lighting but also with the different floor tiles that I made. To showcase visual progression from your van, where you would store your stolen loot, towards the tomb on the right side.

We received great feedback during the playtest a lot of players enjoyed the game and commented that the game plays and looked great.