Project Information



"Change of Seasons" is a first person exploration/puzzle game.It revolves around changing the season by a press of a button!Click the button and see the environment change around you!Chase down the sandwich thief named "Henry", Go on an adventure, try out crazy things and get your sandwich back!

Available for download:

Responsibilities / My Contribution

Creation of the rational level design document/plan, to guarantee a coherent vision and build up of the puzzle elements.
Metrics Gym. (Experimenting with puzzle design)
"GDD" (Game Design Document (shared effort))
Whiteboxing, Layout and simple set dressing.
Blueprint/Script simple AI behaviour.
Create Placeholder art assets and implement them all in the engine. (Particles, Rocks, Water)
Working closely together with the other two level designs to make sure that each level would transition smoothly to the next.
Help with Onboarding on the first level and owner of the last level


3 Designers, no artists or programmers.
Rapid Prototyping of the concept.
Successfully creating a game for a specific target audience.
Showcased on a (Dutch) national beta event: Night of the Nerds Click here for the page (Dutch)

Praised/Exalted by the entire "CMGT" teaching staff of  the NHTV University.
On-boarding was done in such a good way, that three 8 year old children were able to work together and solve all the puzzles in the game in a respected fast time.

MY LEvel
Indepth information about my work

This project is one of many project where I am really proud of.  With only 3 designers we created a small game in 2 months. No programmers and no artists, solely designers. This meant learning how to Blueprint / Script in UE4 and do a low-fi art pass. This game ended up being showcased during a national beta event @Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Where we introduced, talked about our game and let others playtest.

Creating a GYM with prototypes of gameplay elements
I created multiple different level beats (Magic moments). Typical of how someone would approach platformers. These level beats were examples of puzzle scenarios the player had to solve. Multiple of my puzzle ideas have been replicated through the levels. (even the levels where I didn't worked on). It was nice to see my teammates being inspired by my contribution to the gym.

Rational Level Design

For the team I created a rational level design document. With the goal of making sure the onboarding and progression of mechanics would go in a linear fashion. We were inspired by the 4 step level design, seen in Super Mario 3D World's. Trying to make each level use the same mechanics but in different ways, having the same dynamics but used in different scenarios.

Blueprinting / Scripting
I blueprinted 1 AI ~ logic, movement and trigger conditions.
The outline on items that could be picked up.
The behavior of several items/pick ups.
I helped with bug fixing code.
I helped with supporting my other teammates with my technical knowledge.

Low-fi  placeholder Art
I worked on particle animations
Simple building blocks to make the levels
Material shaders

Showcasing our game
During the event we showcased our game. The event was about getting more young people under 18, interested in Beta studies
.Approaching those young students and talking about the progress of creating a game was a lot of fun.