Blender to Unreal - an ideal plugin for level designers

Trinh Nguyen
February 25, 2022
5 min

Using tools to optimize your workflows and save time

I always found blocking out my levels with BSP brushes quite the hassle. Unlike 3D modeling programs you can't utilize the power of modifiers (array, mirror, deform etc.) and all the other tools that you could find in a program like Blender. These tools have proved to speed up my workflow by a lot. Allowing me to iterate quicker and faster on my work. At first there was no streamlined way to import and export your work back and forth quick between the 3D modeling program and the game engine. Not until people like "Xavier" and the Blender community decided to publish an open source plugin that allowed you to seamlessly transfer over your assets between the two program!

The plugin that can save your time

If you are like me, someone who prefer to block out their levels in a powerful modeling program like Blender. Then you might be interested in this plugin made by Xavier

With this plugin I was able to export anything with a key press and see it update instantly!

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